Bouncing Pillows

Here at Inflatable PIPA Testing we can now inspect Bouncing Pillows that are permantly installed all over the country.

The updated Part 2 of BS EN 14960:2019 has been published and we have had updated training to include permantly installed bouncing pillows.

We can even issue a PIPA tag for all bouncing pillows that pass the inspection.

bouncing pillow pipa testing

We carryyout a comprehensive 35 point check on all aspects of the bouncing pillow and its surrounding placement from the internal air pressure to the height and distance of the perimiter fence.

So if you have a bouncing pillow that is in need of an annual inspection then please use our contact us page to send us a message.

We can guide you on routine maintanance and your responsibilities to keep your visitors safe and your equiptment in good condition