Appliance Electrical PAT Testing

To become a RPII trained PIPA Inspector of Bouncy castles and associated inflatables you also need to be able to complete a electrical safety portable appliance testing course, which means we can also PAT Test you electrical items and supply a certificate detailing what we have PAT Tested.

Ideal for Landlords, Businesses, Shop Owner etc

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As Part of the Standard PIPA test on your bouncy castle we will test your Blower and Leads and issue update the PAT test label on the items.

This is all as standard but if your on a day rate it can take up some valuable time as we actually remove plugs and check correct polarity of cables and tightness of cable screw.

We carry a selection of electrical item spares so if you have a damage plug we can change it if required at a small cost.

PAT Testing
Bouncy Castle PAT Test LabelsBouncy Castle Blower being PAT Tested